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Ateliers for Everyone

Go veggie!

Once, twice, or everyday! 

Why settle for  substitutes when there's so much great food to explore? 

Vegetarian Cooking is a bliss for your health, your tastebuds and the planet! And it is not about just skipping the meat, replacing it with a plastic tasting lookalike, and losing taste. On the contrary, we think it should even taste better! 


Our ateliers are hands-on and not for the lazy days. You will peel, chop and cut. And you will taste the difference. 

All our ateliers are custom made according to your needs. You don't have to be an expert cook, but a sense of culinary adventure helps.You can group with friends, family, colleagues, and treat yourself to an interesting entertaining workshop and proudly enjoy your self made meal.

Vegetarians taste better!

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